Community Stakeholder List

Working on Community Project? Need to identify your stakeholders? Use this list as a starting point for Local Community Stakeholder Analysis or as a useful checklist to identify additional stakeholders. This list is focused on Community projects, some generic roles are listed but for a fuller generic checklist see stakeholder list.

See also ITIL stakeholders, IT project stakeholder mindmap, IT project stakeholder list, ecommerce stakeholder list, Construction stakeholders and Structured Settlement stakeholders.

Community Stakeholders word cloud
  • Business owners
  • Care services
  • Community & residents groups
  • Councilors
  • Developers
  • Education providers state and private (see stakeholders in schools)
  • Elected representatives
  • Emergency services
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  • Environmental groups/pressure groups single issue and ongoing campaigns
  • Government workers
  • Homeless and traveler communities
  • Local authorities
  • Local charities
  • Local special Interest groups e.g. groups interested in a historical building or a local natural habitat
  • National charities with a local branch/presence
  • Neighbourhood leaders
  • People traveling through the community e.g. rail passengers
  • Property owners
  • Property tenants and leaseholders
  • Religious institutions
  • Residents (break into subsets as required e.g. car owner, age, employment status etc).
  • Support groups
  • Tourists and visitors
  • Utility providers e.g. water, electricity
  • Waste collection and recycling

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Industry stakeholder lists

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